200 year-old beams from Savannah's River Street
Reclaimed as part of Gull Island's unique heritage

A Unique Connection to Savannah

One of the most interesting interior features is the family room and kitchen beams. They were originally pilings in the Savannah River that were excavated during the construction of the Savannah Westin and Convention Center on Hutchinson Island. It is estimated that the wood -- because of its size and length -- was originally about 200 years old and had been in the river as pilings for another 200 years. So the wood is about 400 years old.

After it was salvagedSalvaged Beams from Savannah
Salvaged Beams from Savannah
and chosen for the Gull Island kitchen beams, it was examined for bits of metalBeam Examination
Careful Beam Examination
and then the individual beams were run through a band sawCutting the Beams with a Band Saw
Beam Band Sawing
to remove the outer covering. The pilings, which had been driven deep into the mud, were amazingly well-preserved on the inside.

Incredibly, after being shaved of their outermost layer, they still smelled like fresh wood when they were delivered to the constructionMilled Beams
Beam Delivery
siteBeam Installation
Installation Preparation
. The beams were then installed and not stained or finished in any way, but allowed to turn a natural rich color. There was even enough leftover wood to build the overhead pot rack as well as the wine cellar racksWine Racks
Beam-Derived Wine Cellar Racks