Land personally owned by Charles Frasier, Founder of Hilton Head
The only private island available within Sea Pines Resort
Secluded yet close to world-class amenities


Hilton Head Island, Sea Pines Plantation and Gull Island are all connected to one transformative person: Charles Fraser. The 20th century and thousands of acres of pine forest on Hilton Head's southern end brought the timber industry to Hilton Head Island as well as Charles Fraser's father, General Joe Fraser and his business partners. After graduating from college in the summer of 1950 and before entering Yale Law School, Charles worked at the Island's logging camp. The Island and its potential to attract people to its pristine beaches, magnificent live oak and virgin pine forests captivated 21 year-old Charles. He made developing a master plan for Sea Pines Plantation the focus of his postgraduate education. His truly visionary plan helped transform Hilton Head from the sparsely populated barrier island that it was in the 1950s into a well-known, world-class resort.

One of the places Charles Fraser spent time, taking in the surroundings, developing a "sense of place" and working on his vision for Sea Pines is on the spot where the Gull Island guest cottage stands. He and his wife Mary used the simple structure they built as a retreat for a private studio/office as well as a quiet place for contemplation and prayer. While the Frasers' daughters roamed and played on their little island, Charles formulated his plans for Sea Pines and Mary, her plans to start the first Montessori school in South Carolina. It is not at all surprising that, of all the land available to them at the time, the Frasers chose this tranquil, beautiful, inspiring spot for themselves.

The structure built by the Frasers was modified by a subsequent owner who added a loft bedroom and then was completely rebuilt in 2002 by the present owners as the original structure had fallen into complete disrepairEarly Fraser Home
. However, Gull Island, the magnificent property that first attracted the Frasers, remains unchanged and unspoiled.

The property was vacant except for the Fraser cottage when the present owners (the fifth owners) purchased the property in the spring of 1999 and began plans for the main house and renovatedGuest House Renovations
Renovation Under Way
guest houseGuest House Nearly Complete
Renovation Nearing Completion
. After about a year of siting and architectural design plus another twenty months of constructionConstruction of the Main Home
Main Home Construction
, the home was completed in December, 2001.