Deer freely roam and sleep on the property
Home to egrets, herons, ibis and wood storks
Ideal wildlife sanctuary and habitat


The property is beautifully wooded and an ideal wildlife sanctuary and habitat (with all of the wildlife photographs taken on the property). A pair of Osprey built a nestOsprey Nest
Lovely Nest
in 2004 and the nest has been added to and used by yearly visitors ever since. RabbitsRabbits
Visiting Rabbit
, raccoons, possum and birds of all types including owlsOwl
Neighboring Owl
and OspreyOsprey
Neighboring Osprey
are frequent visitors. DeerDeer
Handsome Buck
freely roam and sleep on the property and can be seen crossing the marshDeer
Neighboring Deer
, grazing and bounding through the woods. The surrounding marsh is a favorite feeding ground for all kinds of wadingWading Birds
Wading Birds
birdsWading Birds
Wading Birds
: egretEgret
Neighboring Egret
, heronHeron
Neighboring Heron
, ibisIbis
Neighboring Ibis
, etc. During the early days of construction on the property, Wild Boar tracks were seen in the dirt of the driveway and one was spotted crossing the marsh. The natural and unspoiled beauty of the property with its Palmetto trees, Savannah Holly, Wax Myrtle, pines, Live Oak, Water Oak, Hickories, Cedars and thickets of Saw Palmetto is reminiscent of early Hilton Head before it was developed.

Since first seeing and then buying the property, the purchasers have not felt so much "owners" as "stewards" and "caretakers" of this magnificent piece of land that will, hopefully, be kept as much in its original state as possible so that it will continue to nourish the spirits of those who live on it and visit -- and, just as importantly, so the wildlife will continue to flourish and call it home.